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Hugely comprehensive and enjoyable course

Anthony Daly

A very comprehensive and enjoyable course - highly recommended.

A very comprehensive and enjoyable course - highly recommended.

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Course Description:

During this course, students will explore all the technical components associated with hardware, software, social media platforms, and open-source tools. This course has an emphasis on critical thinking and decreasing cognitive bias to gain an objective view of the research topic. Additional emphasis is placed on managing digital signatures decrease organization and personal risk. Through the Fundamentals of Open-Source Research and Analysis Course students will gain a firm understanding of what is needed to plan and efficiently collect data to answer well defined research questions.

Course Syllabus: FOSINT Syllabus.pdf

Course curriculum

    1. Foundations of OSINT Syllabus

    2. Pre-Course Questionnaire

    3. Quiz

    4. End of Course Survey

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