In-Person Courses

The Online Courses You Need to Succeed at Open Source Research and Analysis

  • Expertise

    Over 10+ years experience with private and public sectors to gain immense insight on the demands of OSINT analysis. Our courses are designed to meet the challenges and needs of military, government, and commercial organizations to identify adversaries where they are, on the internet, but adaptive to each unique set of organizational missions, scopes, authorities, and regulations.

  • Methodology

    One of the most pivotal parts of OSINT is having a methodology and process before collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. Students will learn and apply our field tested Discover, Develop, Monitor Methodology (D2M) , which correlates with our Cyber Intelligence Dashboard.

  • Build an OSINT Team

    Our four innovative training paths are geared towards building an OSINT capability. If your goal is to build an OSINT team our training paths are for you. We offer specialized training for Open Source Information Analysts, Open Source Media Analysts, Open Source Collection Technicians, and Open Source Collection Managers.

What Students are Saying About Our Courses

"I really value learning effective open-source research from social and seeing the difference between that and our traditional business intelligence. Big difference!"

"The tool agnostic approach is so much different from what I am used to. This really adds value."

"I loved learning all of the SM tools, their capabilties, and their uses. I can use any tool now as part of the D2M methodology."

"The instructors were clearly chosen because of their vast knowledge and experience. That makes a big difference to me."

"I learned skills that tie in perfectly with what I do at my job - finding influencers and key communicators brings my company closer to our customers."

"Just packing up in Rio de Janeiro where I worked the security detail of a foreign sports team. The use of D2M to gain operational information was a great success. In September, I am off to South Sudan and can't wait to use D2M again!"

OSINT Continues to Revolutionize the Public and Private Sectors, but There are Problems....

  • Massive amount of data which results in information overload

  • Requires in-depth analytical work to validate, verify, and disseminate information

  • Reliance on specific set of tools for research and analysis

  • Data Security, Privacy Laws, and Ethics

  • Exposure to cyber threats and leaking of personal information or organizational information while gathering data

  • Training is expensive

  • Analysis is not being produced efficiently and effectively

Echo Academy has everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place. Our courses provide solutions to all of the problems listed above and for a fraction of the cost of other OSINT courses.

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