About Echo Academy

    Echo Academy (EA) is the training division of Echo Analytics Group (EAG), an open-source intelligence (OSINT) research and analysis company founded in 2015. Its founder, Harry “Buddy” Jericho, discovered early in his service with the Department of Defense throughout 2007 the significant impact social media had across the world. However, the massive amount of information uploaded to the internet daily was helpful but not always reliable. This availability of information led to the development of research methods and technologies to find and analyze reliable information quickly. The result was the creation of an in-house methodology and an analytic tool resources platform; Discover, Develop, Monitor (D2M™) and the Cyber Intelligence Dashboard (CID). EA now provides perspectives-based digital media analytics training to public and private sector businesses and government entities, aligning it with the EAG company mission; to be the most trusted name in OSINT education, technology, and services. EA has trained over 4,000 professionals across the globe on basic and advanced digital media analysis. The instructional staff continually performs quality control of its training by applying information gathered through course surveys to improve and evolve the curriculum. Because of these ongoing quality control efforts, instructors can modify and customize each course to the unique requirements of its attendees as a matter of corporate policy. Further, practical and capstone exercises are client-determined. 

    Today, EA is fueled by problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and a relentless commitment to client and student success. As the go-to open-source research and analysis company for government and commercial businesses across the globe. EA is available to assist your company with it’s open-source research and analysis needs. Courses are delivered on-demand, in-person, and virtual live to provide the most convenient training experience.

Academy Leadership

Director of Echo Analytics Group Justin Brown

Justin is a military intelligence professional with 21 extensive years of experience leading and managing worldwide intelligence and military operations. He Served in multiple positions within the Defense industry such as an S2 Director, Senior Military Intelligence Leader, Command Security Manager, Special Security Representative, Training Development and Integration Division Chief, Senior Doctrine Training Developer, Master Analyst, ISR Manager, OSINT Lead, Targeting NCOIC, Training Manager, and other relevant leadership positions. Engaged in Battalion Information Security (INFOSEC), Physical Security (PHYSEC), Operational Security (OPSEC), Personnel Security (PERSEC), Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Operations and Security Manager, and a multitude of similar fields.


Senior Instructor - North Carolina Jacob Kafka

Jacob Kafka retired from the US Army as a Military Police Senior NCO with 22 years of active service. He received his bachelor’s degree in Networking and Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland in 2022. Jacob proudly serves as a Senior OSINT instructor for Echo Analytics Group, instructing Soldiers and contractors from Fort Liberty, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. He is focused on developing and honing his skills to become a better OSINT professional to serve his students and company better. Jacob’s goal as an OSINT professional is to become an OSINT analyst to help identify victims of human trafficking to assist local and government law enforcement. Jacob understands that this skillset takes time to master, and EAG provides unmatched OSINT services, education, and technology to help him achieve his goals.

Senior Instructor - Tampa Brian Roesler

Brian is a former secondary educator and digital journalist, with a focused background in instructional design, pedagogy, and media analysis. Brian's blended background is essential to his successes as an OSINT Instructor.